Friday, January 11, 2008


I love you and I'll ease you in your darkest hour. you'll never be alone: threat or thread? I'll be there or better I'm here: "undemanded", unnecessary, well disguised and free.

Whoever I am I'm sure you don't need my help as I'm sure you don't care about me: but our mother's old enough to know better so cry, baby, cry. For the reason that tickles your eye, for the things you didn't say, for the things you missed and for the things we won't miss again , for the roses on the ice, for the horse that is a whale, for the ones who fail, for four and squared fist number: for what I can guess and makes me what you are: in the winter of our discontent I want a match, a lighter or a light for your world. In other words no other words. farewell angelina....please fare well.

(someone wrote this to me today, since it matches perfect with the tryptic and my current state of mind, I'm sharing it)